3D Community Water Depth

By Aaron Dishno Ed.D.


Before this change, it would be good to turn off gravity for the Admin Editor.

If you haven’t already, click:

Admin -> Editor Settings -> Turn Off Gravity


Navigate to:

Admin -> My 3D Communities -> Edit 3D Community -> Edit Landscape and Scene

Click Water Depth.

Water Depth
Water Depth


Water Depth

The Scene Currently does not have water. If we Edit the Water Depth, it will become a water scene.


Edit Water Depth
Edit Water Depth


By default, Extended Ground is is at Y=0 height. This exposes no water and the water is not rendered in the scene.

You set the Water Depth by lowering the Extended Ground. When the Extended Ground is less than 0, Water is rendered.

Notice, even at Extended Land Height = -1, you see the water.

Set the Extended Land Height = -15.00


New Water Depth
New Water Depth


Click Save Depth


Next, explore the following Landscape and Scene Settings as you turn your 3D Community into an Island:


Then, we will add our 3D Building to the 3D Community.


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