WalkTheWeb is Different

Many websites create a 3D experience on a webpage. So, what makes WalkTheWeb different?

Traditional Internet

In traditional Internet, web servers all over the world host web sites made up of webpages. What makes the Internet successful are the links that connect webpages from one server to another. For example, when we open a search engine and type a key word, you get a list of links to visit helping you go from one place to another on the Internet.

To break down this process as a technology:

  • you visit a webpage on the Internet
  • on the webpage you see a link
  • you click the link
  • the browser goes out to the Internet and finds the new webpage
  • the new webpage is now shown in the browser

When browsing, you are jumping from content on one web server to content on another web server with each clicked link.

WalkTheWeb 3D Internet

In WalkTheWeb 3D Internet, web servers all over the world host 3D Websites made up of 3D Community Scenes, 3D Buildings, and 3D Things. What makes WalkTheWeb 3D Internet different is that 3D Buildings and 3D Things can be added to any 3D Community Scene on any web server on the Internet.

To break down this process as a technology (compared to Traditional Internet above):

  • you visit a 3D Community Scene on a webpage (this is the entry point for 3D Internet)
  • the 3D Scene contains invisible boxes that work like links
  • your avatar walks into the invisible box (clicks a link)
  • the browser goes out to the Internet and finds the new 3D Building content (like a webpage – JSON for you technical gurus)
  • the new 3D Building is now rendered (added) to your 3D Scene

When 3D Internet Browsing, you open a 3D Scene on a webpage, then 3D Buildings are pulled from other web servers and added to your 3D Scene as you walk closer and removed as you walk away.

The 3D Building can be updated on its original server and everyone always gets the latest version when they visit the 3D Scene. You can also add the same 3D Building to multiple 3D Scenes!


Traditional Internet jumps you from one web server to another for content.

3D Internet pulls content from various web servers and adds it to your 3D Scene as you walk.


Traditional Internet advertising tries to draw you towards a webpage with links on other webpages.

3D Internet distributes your complete 3D Buildings to many 3D Scenes all over the Internet; like Starbucks, more stores everywhere you look!


Traditional Internet uses banner ads and click ads to sell products. Most people click them by accident.

3D Internet sales relates more to the visual sensation of real life. You can see a 3D Building and decide if you wish to enter, just like walking down a street.


Traditional Internet clears the browser before loading the new web page.

3D Internet retains the 3D Scene in the browser and appends the 3D Building into the 3D Scene when you walk into the invisible box around it and removes the 3D Building when you walk out of the invisible box. These invisible boxes allows us to create very large scenes that trade what you see based on where your avatar stands without overloading the browser.


WalkTheWeb 3D Internet Browsing concept is a patented technology (USA Patent Number  9,940,404)



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