About WalkTheWeb


Our Vision / Mission

Our mission is to provide 3D Internet Browsing experiences to the world that promote education, welcome businesses, deliver entertainment, and unite communities.



Quick facts about HTTP3D Inc.

  • HTTP3D Inc. was incorporated in the State of California in March 2014.
  • HTTP3D Inc. was founded by Aaron Dishno E.d.D.
  • HTTP3D Inc. is the creator of the WalkTheWeb® initiative to bring Education and Technology to all people
  • The Next Generation of Internet... 3D Internet for your 3D Games, 3D Shopping, Metaverse, and Multiverse creations!



Intellectual Property 

  • Three-Dimensional (3D) Browsing- USA Patented (serial # 9,940,404) and PCT Patents Pending in Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, and India. This website is more than just a game or animated website. It is a demonstration of:
    • 3D Buildings as Websites
    • Pan and Walk between Websites with full continuous animation; instead of traditional "Click and wait for a webpage to load" browsing
    • Invention of Connecting Grids to bind together 3D Building Websites into 3D Community Websites.
  • Walk The Web®- Registered Trademark
  • http://3DTMand https://3DTM - Supplemental Trademarks
    Using our patent pending 3D Internet Browsing concept, use our Site Designer to create your own 3D Building Website.
    Imagine, http://3d.YourDomain.com as a Three Dimensional Website.
  • HTTP3DTM- Supplemental Trademark
  • Released as Open-Source on GitHub! Download WalkTheWeb 3D Internet Hosting Server at https://github.com/HTTP3D/WalkTheWeb

About the Name

HTTP3D Inc. was named after our trademarked 3D Browsing technology notation; http://3d. It is a way of determining if a website you are about to visit uses our patented 3D Technology.

WalkTheWeb was filed as a DBA (Doing Business As) in San Diego and is the common name and product name for 3D Browsing; WalkTheWeb.com.


Components of Our Vision

3D Internet Browsing - Our patented (Serial# 9,940,404) 3D Internet Browsing experience with smooth animation that fetchs and loads 3D Buildings as your walk near and unloads them as you walk away; saving resources for when you need them.

Promote Education - 3D Internet was created to extend Education through 3D Buildings and 3D Communities in order to create educational games, visual learning tools, videos, tutorials, and the next generation of online schools.

Welcome Businesses - 3D Internet offers a unique platform for business and organizations to display and/or sell their products in 3D, while users can shop, learn, and experience your 3D Building and 3D Community creations.

Deliver Entertainment - 3D Internet can provide hours of entertainment as you Walk in and out of 3D Games, shopping, museums, and so much more!

Grow as a Community - Community is about working together and having Fun! Therefore to grow as a community, we mean to connect with others, play games, share the experience, and build your own 3D Internet Communities!

*Patented - The U.S. Patent (Serial# 9,940,404) for the Concept of Three Dimensional Internet Browsing was issued by the patent office in April 2018 and now in Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom, and India.