Make Money Using WalkTheWeb

WalkTheWeb is a free tool for hosting the 3D Internet. Unlike other 3D Websites, our patented technology allows you to host your own 3D Internet website and connect to other 3D Websites as your avatar walks from one server on the Internet to the next, hence the name, WalkTheWeb.

Based on your role for 3D Internet, here is how it works:


Users and Guests

WalkTheWeb is a global community. Your selected avatar can be used on any globally enabled (with the 3D Internet Plugin enabled) WalkTheWeb 3D Internet website. Visit 3D Stores, play 3D Games,  and connect in 3D Internet communities all over the world.


Businesses to Customer (B2C)

Enhance your sales with 3D Shopping Stores. Show off your products and services in 3D! Create and maintain it in one place, but put it into many 3D Internet Scenes and Communities! All sales and product displays (titles, descriptions, images, pricing, etc…) can be from your existing online stores for easy maintenance. More locations and more exposure leads to more sales!


Business to Business (B2B)

Create and sell 3D Stores for Businesses! Using the WalkTheWeb automation tools or your own customizations, create 3D Shopping Stores for businesses and help them improve their online presence.


Marketing Companies

Click ads, email campaigns, publicity, and now the opportunity to provide 3D Shopping Stores and ads in 3D Scenes! Extend your services to include 3D Advertising. Over half of the people on the Internet play games, therefore, supply new advertising services to the masses.


3D Artists

Create and sell your custom 3D Models to be used in WalkTheWeb 3D Scenes. It is as easy as uploading your 3D Model into the WalkTheWeb media library and drop it into a 3D Scene. Users can visit your 3D Scene in just seconds.


Artists and Graphics Designers

Create and sell your custom graphics as scenery, backgrounds, billboards, pictures, and textures for 3D Models. It is easy to upload your graphics and use them in 3D Scenes.



Create and sell avatars, bots, 3D Games, and animated 3D Models to be used in WalkTheWeb 3D Scenes. Using the Babylon JS Game Engine (Unity based), animation is fully supported as glb, gltf, obj, and babylon type files. (Other file types can be easily converted using Blender).



Create 3D Scenes using 3D Models, 3D Landscapes, and 3D Shapes. You are the assemblers and layout designers of 3D Websites. Mix and match numerous 3D Stores, 3D Games, and 3D Models from anywhere on the Internet as you desire, then have users visit and enjoy the 3D Scenes.



As a CMS (Content Management System design), WalkTheWeb allows developers to create 3D Plugins that enhance the functionality of 3D Internet. Using the freemium concept, provide free functionality and offer paid upgrades or services. For example, a 3D Plugin for cars could have a jeep to drive for free, but a paid one-time charge or monthly subscription would allow more avatars to get in the car or unlock additional cars to drive and add to your 3D Scenes.


Hardcore Coders

Coders are developers… So the difference here is that WalkTheWeb 3D Internet is a community Open-Source project. We invite coders to join in the development of WalkTheWeb to help make it the best it can be by suggesting code updates or providing feedback for future enhancements. We welcome your input.


Game Designers

Create 3D Games or gaming functionality to be added to WalkTheWeb 3D Scenes. Create and manage your 3D Game in one place, yet just like 3D Stores, the 3D Game can be added to many 3D Scenes all over the Internet! 3D Games draw more users and make your 3D Scenes more valuable to advertising and 3D Shopping Stores. Imagine a 3D Golf Shop selling supplies, now add a 3D Golf Course game into the 3D Scene and watch the user base grow. Plan an online golf tournament to help promote a product sale! More visitors means more sales!


VR and AR Enthusiasts

Experience and enhance the features of WalkTheWeb 3D Internet using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality equipment, fully supported by the Babylon Game Engine.


Website Hosting Companies

WalkTheWeb Open-Source is up and running in just minutes and has the same requirements as WordPress. This makes it a universal tool for free 3D Internet! Each 3D Internet server can host many 3D Community Scenes, 3D Buildings, 3D Things, and numerous domain names.



While actively supporting WalkTheWeb 3D Internet Open-Source, we also provide a hub to support the global user accounts, avatars, downloads, and more. We also offer paid services and features such as multiplayer and chat to your 3D Scenes.



What is WalkTheWeb? (WalkTheWeb Concept)

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