Legal Information

Legal Information

Intellectual Property
  • Three-Dimensional (3D) Browsing - USA Patented (Serial # 9,940,404) and PCT Patent Pending in Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, and India.
    This website is more than just a game or animated website. It is a demonstration of:

    • Three Dimensional Buildings as Websites that can be located anywhere on the Internet
    • Walk between Websites with full continuous animation; instead of traditional "Click and wait for a webpage to load" browsing
    • Invention of "Connecting Grids" to tie together Three Dimensional Building Websites into virtual communities and cities!
    • Load 3D Buildings as you Walk closer and unload them as you Walk away.


  • http://3DTM and https://3DTM - Supplemental Trademarks


  • HTTP3DTM - Supplemental Trademark


  • Walk The Web® - Registered Trademark



Using our patented 3D Browsing concept and our 3D CMS, we build or help you build 3D Websites.
Imagine, as a Three Dimensional Website.


Use of our 3D Browsing Patent or trademarks are strictly prohibited without written authorization from a current HTTP3D Inc. corporate officer, director, or founder Aaron Dishno Ed.D.


3rd Party Products
Walk the Web 3D Internet Browsing utilizes the following 3rd Party Products. Use of any HTTP3D Inc. website that utilizes these products will also transfer the conditions of use to the client user.