What is WalkTheWeb 3D Internet?

WalkTheWeb 3D Internet

Our patented technology allows your Avatar to Walk from one 3D Building Website on the Internet to another! Hence the name WalkTheWeb!



How is WalkTheWeb Different?


WalkTheWeb as a 3D CMS

3D CMS is a Content Management System for easily creating and hosting 3D Websites as a mix of 3D Games, 3D Shopping Stores, and 3D Scenes.



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Fortress Island

This island has 3 clearings for 3D Buildings that are connected by paths and easy teleports. It also has a pier, bridge, retaining wall, beaches, trees, and park benches.

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Canal City

The Canal City 3D Website is a large map with a lot of space to build. It has 3 main regions (canal, beach, and upper section), 2 roads, and boat docks.

Visit Canal City

City Streets

The City Streets 3D Website is a figure 8 street layout with numerous 3D Buildings. This map may require a gaming computer, but shows the future expandability.

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Creating 3D Internet Cities of 3D Games, 3D Buildings, 3D Shopping, and more. Join the Metaverse now with a Free 3D Website!

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Want to host your own Metaverse 3D Website? WalkTheWeb offers open-source software for creating and hosting 3D Internet ~ *Free Metaverse

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Join our Partnership/Mentorship program and WalkTheWeb will help you create your own 3D Internet - Metaverse - Services-Based Business! 3D Internet shouldn't only be for large corporations. WalkTheWeb makes is easy for small businesses to get in on the $347 Billion dollar USA Gaming industry. Each mentorship program is custom tailored for your needs. It is all about Your Success! WalkTheWeb will help you create a business and specialize in 3D Internet related services.