What is a 3D Store?

Traditional Online Store
Traditional Online Store
3D Store - in 5 Minutes!
3D Store – in 5 Minutes!

Add a 3D Store to your online shopping website in about 5 minutes!

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. You already have a shopping cart, products, and checkout process… keep doing what you do best and let us add a new way to show off your products and attract customers!


A 3D Store brings your products and shopping experience to a whole new level.

Have you ever seen an online game and thought, I wish I could put my REAL store in the game. There are over 1.2 Billion people playing online games. It is time to take your online store to their level! Our 3D Stores extend your reach for customers into the 3D Gaming world.

A 3D Store is a 3D Building with special features for shopping, such as product displays, checkout registers, and product category selectors. Think of it as a new face for your online store. We pull your existing products and display them in a 3D Store. When someone selects a product to add to cart or read more the 3D Store opens your traditional website in an iframe or new tab in your browser.

That way, all purchases, product information, and check-out procedures are completed on your original traditional online store website.


For our first release, we use WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin for the online store. If you have this combination, you can add a 3D Store by downloading our Walk the Web 3D Store plugin and following 5 simple steps!

Check out the Create a 3D Store step-by-step wizard.



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