3D Things

When creating 3D Buildings and 3D Communities, we often need to add more than one of the same thing, like chairs, trees, shelves, bushes, etc…

That is why we invented 3D Things!

3D Things are assemblies of 3D Building Blocks and/or 3D Web Objects that can be created once and used many times.


Multiple 3D Things


3D Things can be added to numerous 3D Buildings and 3D Communities. In the picture above, notice numerous chairs and desks. Each instance can be positioned, scaled, and rotated separately.

If you edit the original 3D Thing, all instances of the 3D Thing will show the update.

You can easily create copies of 3D Things to preserve the original and have a new 3D Thing with your changes to add to your 3D Buildings and 3D Communities.

In the image below, I copied the chair then changed the position and rotation of the copy to create numerous instances!


Create Duplicate



Placing 3D Things in 3D Buildings or 3D Communties AND placing 3D Buildings in 3D Communities is possible because of Connecting Grids.

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