Connecting Grids

Connecting Grids are (x,y,z) coordinate maps that define how and where 3D Building Websites and 3D Community Websites are joined.

Connecting Grids can use static coordinates – as demonstrated in our 3D CMS functionality – or elastic. Static coordinates allow for precise placement of 3D Building Websites into 3D Community Websites. Note that if a 3D Building Website expands its foundation, it could overflow a street, building, or other 3D Object.


3D Building Websites Bound by Grid in a 3D Community Website
3D Building Websites bound by Connecting Grid in a 3D Community Website


In the future you will see more implementations of elastic Connecting Grids. Elastic coordinates are designed to be rigid in direction while elastic in distance. This elasticity allows 3D Building Websites and 3D Community Websites to grow without overlapping neighboring 3D Objects.


Edit 3D Building on Connecting Grid


The final product is a 3D Community Website.

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