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Learn about Franchising 3D Websites.

What if McDonald’s only had one location? Franchising gets More Traffic for More Sales!

An Internet website reaches the globe, so why would you need to franchise? In the traditional Internet, your one website treats the entire Internet as one community. Like standing in a crowd of over a billion people, this is great for connections, but bad for being noticed.

Instead of trying to be noticed, Franchising allows you to be in more places!


Traditional Franchising

Before franchising and Internet, each successful business could only reach the boundaries of the local community. This strongly limited their success.

Businesses then learned that they could duplicate their success by copying their business into other communities and franchising was born.

Success was defined by multiplying your business into as many communities as you can. More communities means more foot traffic and more sales.


McDonald's Restaurant


3D Internet Franchising (Franchising Websites)

WalkTheWeb 3D Websites provide a unique opportunity to apply the successful franchising model to Internet websites.

WalkTheWeb starts by transforming your traditional website into a 3D Building Website. Next, you add your 3D Building Website into many 3D Community Scenes. It is like combining complimentary businesses to share traffic. For example, let’s say you have a shoe store and you add a sock store next door. If people come to the 3D Community Scene to buy socks, they see your shoe store too! Both stores can share by marketing the same 3D Community Scene leading to More combined Traffic and More Sales!

The best part, you maintain one 3D Building Website and the changes automatically show in all 3D Community Scenes!


3D Franchising


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