Why YOU need a 3D Website!

One in 184,000

By Aaron Dishno Ed.D.


It is too early for people to use 3D Websites as their main or only website. It is most popular with people that grew up playing video games and of course the younger crowd that always had games. The others will catch on soon!

It really is the next generation of Internet, which also means it has to phase in to the main stream… That will probably happen in 2-5 years or faster with the connections we are making in social media. In the meantime, it is a way to attract additional attention to your traditional website.

 For example:

 Traditional website:


 3D Website:


 And has another 3D Website for their business in the Mall:



Think of it this way…

According to California Bureau of Real Estate (CalBRE) there are approximately:

184,000 active agents and 101,000 active brokers with licenses in California.

This image below has just under 184,000 dots of red representing the number of agents in California and only one dot of white representing YOU. Can you see it? That is YOUR business with all of the others on the Internet.

One in 184,000
One in 184,000 – Can you see it?

Searching for “Murrieta Real Estate Agents” (just one city) in Google returns 1,480,000 possible websites. Even with search engine optimization (SEO), this is a hard, flooded market. Your website is only being seen by people you hand a business card to or connect with you on social media.

So how do you get noticed and attract attention and new clients on the Internet? I am betting everything you can think of is already being done by your competition… with one exception… Walk the Web® – 3D Browsing… because it is so NEW…


How does 3D Browsing help MY business?

3D Websites promote your ads, services, products, provides forms, display scrolling walls of articles, host downloads, provide entertainment, engage users with interaction, amusement park rides, 3D Games, and most important, they have links to open web pages on your traditional website.


Think of how much time people spend on your website and compare it to how long they play video games. Make their 3D Game YOUR 3D Website and use it to connect more people to your traditional website!


Why you need to call now!

If you need a website or you want more traffic to your existing website (don’t we all!), we create 3D Websites and traditional websites. Think of it as the traditional site gets the job done, while the 3D Website engages people and connects them to your traditional website. The 3D Website is an advertisement, bragging right, and way to make you stand out ahead of others businesses.

You can build your own 3D Website for free (just follow the step-by-step tutorials) or we can build it for you! You dream it, we will create it!

And it is only offered at WalkTheWeb.com. We are Changing the World!

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