3D Games vs. 3D Browsing!

By Aaron Dishno Ed.D.


3D Browsing just keeps getting better!

We have fully embraced the 3D Game engine that sits behind the HTTP3D – 3D Browsing Framework. We already know the 3D Game engine can be used to make high quality HD 3D Games. Just look at all they have accomplished in the BabylonJS.com website demos!

One of the key enhancements 3D Browsing provides is the ability to load additional 3D Objects as you Walk towards 3D Buildings and 3D Things and unload 3D Objects as you Walk away.

Let me simplify the concept.

Typical 3D Games…

When someone creates a 3D Game, the goals are to make it run with smooth animation (no lag in the game play), have a high quality of graphics, and deliver a decent size map to explore.

From a programmer’s view, you have to consider the average gaming computer capabilities, while balancing the quality and size of graphics with the number of 3D Objects you are displaying. The more objects, the less quality you can display.

For the most part, 3D Games pre-load and compile (like compress and optimize) what will be shown on the screen even if it is not visible at the time. This accounts for the long load time needed before you start to play the 3D Game.

Progress Bar
Progress Bar

In contrast… 3D Browsing…

(The Concept is Patent Pending in 5 Countries!)

I am designing 3D Browsing to support practically endless maps. In order to do that I have to pass information in as you Walk and decide what should be shown and get rid of the things you no longer need. Not just hide them, but fully unload them from the browser and computer memory.

Let me illustrate this concept… Picture the same computer capabilities as a bucket. I still have to respect the balance of graphic quality and size with the number of 3D Objects I choose to load at a time. The bucket is only so large and then it cannot hold any more.  So I load as much as I can and swap in or out 3D Objects as you Walk. When it is full and something goes in, something has to go out to keep it running smooth.

I have to show even the smallest 3D Objects that are close to you (high quality details), medium details all around you to complete the scene, and the largest 3D Objects that are the farthest away so that you know there is something worth Walking towards and checking out!

3D Browsing View
3D Browsing View – loading as you Walk 

In the Image above, the square identifies the 3D Objects that are closest within your view. Notice that other close objects are rendered, front entrance for the next store, and some larger 3D Objects that create the Mall are shown. As you move, more appears and these smaller 3D Objects will disappear. Walk backwards to see it disappear.

That is 3D Browsing!

Finally, we keep adding in the new features and functions from the 3D Game engine one at a time and fine tune how much we can hold, adjust the settings, test it, and move on to adding the next feature!


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