Blind Courage

Catalina 30 Sailboat
Catalina 30 Sailboat
Catalina 30 Sailboat

A couple weeks ago I was in a stall at the yacht club restroom when I heard an older man and woman entering the rest room.  She was saying the doors are on your right. As he tested the door to the stall I was in, I said, “almost there, go one more door down”. After hearing me, he told his wife, “someone is in here, I’ll figure it out”, and she closed the rest room door. I heard him find the door and find the handicapped hand rail on the wall when he said, “oh nice, a handicap stall”.

When I came out of the stall, I saw a bold yet wandering man standing in the center of the room working his way to the sink area, so I offered an arm to guide him. We washed our hands as I gave a narrative of soap and towel placement. We introduced ourselves and conversed. I learned he had been blind since birth. I could feel the sense of excitement and adventure in his voice as he explained how he had arrived to this location.

While this was taking place, Karen had met his wife in the hall outside and was reassuring her that her husband is in good hands running into me as they heard our voices through the door.

I escorted him outside as we all joined in conversation.  It turns out that they had arrived to the yacht club by kayak and since she didn’t bring shoes, he gave her his socks from under his sandals!

As I think back on that day, I think of the courage of a blind man on a kayak, out on the water, going to new places, and boldly walking into the center of a rest room to find a sink. They did not plan each step, shoeless at the club, but improvised and made it all work. They didn’t expect help, but welcomed it.

i have been working on this project for some time now. Recently I became aware that I needed to lower my shields and grow my internet, social network image if I am to get people to follow me and my new ideas. People hear ideas but follow leaders. (Seven years completing my doctorate in leadership speaking there! Haha)

Meeting a blind man and seeing his courage may have encouraged me to take chances. Following that weekend, I started working on videos to explain the project and 3D technology in my designs. I know I have a lot to learn about video camera settings, staging, relaxing,and filming. But, I proudly published the first video in all of its imperfection. Maybe you will see more personality in my next video if I just hit record and post the results.

I am sure I will get better at it. I have courage.


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