Who Is HTTP3D Inc.?


Our Vision / Mission

Our vision is to change the world by creating a 3D Internet Browsing experience that promotes education, welcomes businesses, and encourages everyone to grow as a community.



Quick facts about HTTP3D Inc.

  • HTTP3D Inc. was incorporated in the State of California in March 2014.
  • HTTP3D Inc. was founded by Aaron Dishno E.d.D.
  • HTTP3D Inc. is the creator of the Walk the Web® initiative to bring Education and Technology to all people
  • This is just the beginning of 3D Internet Browsing … and the Next Generation of Internet Browsing… Hold on tight, we have plans for you!



Intellectual Property 

  • Three-Dimensional (3D) Browsing– USA Patented (serial # 9,940,404) and PCT Patents Pending in Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, and India. This website is more than just a game or animated website. It is a demonstration of:
    • 3D Buildings as Websites
    • Pan and Walk between Websites with full continuous animation; instead of traditional “Click and wait for a webpage to load” browsing
    • Invention of Connecting Grids to bind together 3D Building Websites into 3D Community Websites.
  • Walk The Web®– Registered Trademark
  • http://3DTMand https://3DTM – Supplemental Trademarks
    Using our patent pending 3D Internet Browsing concept, use our Site Designer to create your own 3D Building Website.
    Imagine, http://3d.YourDomain.com as a Three Dimensional Website.
  • HTTP3DTM– Supplemental Trademark

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