Who Invented 3D Browsing?

Aaron Dishno Ed.D.

Dr. Aaron Dishno may not have created the first website showing 3D components. Instead, Dr. Aaron Dishno advanced and standardized the designs of 3D Websites and invented 3D Internet Browsing.

Like the contribution the assembly line was for manufacturing, Dr. Aaron Dishno’s designs for 3D Internet Browsing and 3D CMS makes it possible for everyone to easily have and connect 3D Building Websites.

This rekindles a number of Internet related services in 3D Website Design and Graphic Artistry, while creating new fields in 3D Building Website and 3D Community Website Architecture. Dr. Aaron Dishno may be a key person in starting the 3D Internet Age.

What did Dr. Aaron Dishno do?

  • First, he invented the 3D Building Website, which is the first time the entire 3D Building or Structure is the website.
  • Second, he designed an interactive Pan and Walk movement for the 3D Internet Browsing experience to be fluid, continuous, and uninterrupted animation.
  • Third, he invented 3D Internet Browsing by connecting multiple 3D Building Websites together in a way that allows the user to seamlessly Pan and Walk from one 3D Building Website to another; even if they are hosted on different web servers anywhere on the Internet. These Connections make 3D Community Websites possible.

Dr. Aaron Dishno Inventor of 3D Browsing


Further advancements by Dr. Aaron Dishno on the HTTP3D Framework, engine behind 3D Browsing, now implements the ability to create and add 3D Things to 3D Buildings and 3D Communities.  3D Things make it easy to create items like chairs, light posts, benches, bushes, and trees and add them multiple times to a scene.


Currently, Dr. Aaron Dishno is heading up the Users Groups effort to perfect 3D Browsing and the development of 3D Websites with the 3D Architects.


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