What is WalkTheWeb?

WalkTheWeb® is the friendly name for 3D Internet Browsing. It is more than just 3D Buildings, 3D images, and 3D Objects on a webpage. WalkTheWeb® treats 3D Building Blocks and 3D Models as web pages, 3D Buildings as websites, and 3D Community Scenes as links between websites.

WalkTheWeb® is a new layer of Internet above and beyond webpages and multimedia. It uses design specifications or HTTP3D Framework to craft 3D Building Websites that can Connect into 3D Community Websites to create a continuous interactive animated 3D Internet experiences.


What can I do with it? 

You can build 3D Shopping centers, 3D Games, 3D Community Scenes, 3D Buildings, 3D Things, and so much more. WalkTheWeb® can be used to create 3D Games, Multiplayer Scenes, and fully experience 3D Internet only at WalkTheWeb®!


This is the 3rd Generation of Internet.

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