Trouble Viewing 3D Websites?

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3D Browsing Requirements

  • Recommended Use– Our goal is to allow 3D Browsing on all supported HTML 5 devices, while recommending creating and editing your 3D Buildings and Communities using desktop computers.
  • Suggested Browsers– Most recent mainstream browsers support the necessary technology. We personally use Google Chrome and additionally test in FireFox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and various Apple and Android devices.
  • Programming Technology Used– 3D Browsing uses HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, and WebGL technologies.
  • Hardware Technology Requirements– WebGL technology requires a Graphics Processor on your computer or device. Most smart technology devices have a Graphics Processor. In most cases cloud servers do not have graphic cards installed into your instance, therefore will not browse 3D Websites.
  • Computer Video Recommendations– 3D Browsing is a hybrid of a first-person Video Game and browsing the Internet. Therefore, higher quality video cards will produce the best results. We test and optimize the 3D Browsing Websites with 2GB video cards, but 4GB or 8GB cards will obviously guarantee the highest capabilities and quality.
  • Internet Recommendations– 3D Browsing uses webpage downloads just like other traditional webpages with text and images. Once a scene is downloaded, all of the animation is performed on your local computer. Therefore, only updates to the scene will require downloading additional pages. These downloads may include loading additional 3D Buildings or 3D Objects as you walk as well as tracking the locations of other user avatars currently browsing the same scene. High speed internet (wifi) is recommended, but slower speeds like cellular will perform satisfactorily, just know that constant downloads of user position may result in higher download usage on your data plans (disabling multi-user can help, see below).


  • Enable WebGL– Most recent browsers are enabled by default. But this link may assist in confirming your settings:
  • 3D Browsing is working slow
    • Select Walk and Pan Speeds in the Help and Settings menu on the right of your 3D Browsing Screen. You can adjust the rotation and movement speed to your comfort level.
    • Select Graphics and Shadows in the Help and Settings  You can turn down (or off) Graphics and Shadow levels. This will increase your viewing functionality by skipping or lessening the shadow quality of objects on the screen during rendering.
    • Select Hide Scene Camera in the Help and Settings  This will toggle off or on the Scene Camera which requires additional graphics resources.
    • Select Multiuser is On in the Help and Settings  This will toggle off or on the Multiuser functionality. This will stop the tracking functionality. Therefore, other user avatars will not show on your screen and your avatar will not show on theirs.

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