Open Source

By Aaron Dishno Ed.D.


Will my code be open source? Good question.

At this time, it is not. But I am not against Opening my Source. I just want to wait until the timing is right, weight the pros and cons, then make a decision. I am leaning towards opening my source.


After 7 years of working on Patents, Trademarks, Source code, test code, documentation, standards, instructions, videos, teaching, mentoring others, instructing programmers, etc… I just want to make sure I have everything in order so that when the worlds looks at it, they know it was mine.


With that said, the more people we have on the site, the more people helping set the standards, and the more people visiting 3D Browsing sites, the more I will be ready to make that decision.


Want me to Open the Source?

Join in and help me get it ready.

Use the sites.

Give Feedback.

Join my users groups.

Contribute to the development fund.



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