3D Plugin Template

The 3D Plugin Template is the base code structure for creating and developing Custom 3D Plugins to be used with WalkTheWeb.

Download the 3D Plugin Template here:

Getting Started on your 3D Plugin:

  1. You will need a DevID (Developer ID).
    This is the prefix to your plugin name.
    Example: WTW-Paintball (WTW is the DevID.)
  2. Download the 3D Plugin Template
  3. Search and Replace the Following with your Dev ID and Plugin Name (Keep the same format Capital letters and _ or – as shown):
    • devidplugintemplate
    • devid-plugintemplate
  4. Understand the 3D Object naming scheme.
  5. Write your code, here are some key functional areas:
    • PHP Hooks – Write your JavaScript script pages and functions and use the PHP Hooks to activate them within key WTW core functions.
    • Connect PHP Files – used to pull JSON data from the database on your server or provide another server with structure data.
    • Handlers PHP Files – used to connect to your database (select, insert, update, or delete data) during 3D browsing.
    • Functions PHP Files – used commonly with Handlers to complete the Database tasks.
    • Menus PHP Files – add your items to the main or Admin (Editor) Menu.
    • Action Zones JavaScript – triggers placed in the 3D Scenes to activate JavaScript (Loading, unloading, start animation, activate functions, etc…).
    • Molds (Meshes with Wrappers) JavaScript – These are 3D objects, shapes, particle systems, and Babylon Code produced effects (like smoke) used in the 3D Scenes. Use this to create or add your own custom Molds (Meshes).
    • Coverings (Materials with Wrappers) JavaScript – These are the textures, materials, coloring, transparency, alpha, reflection, refraction, and other special effects relating to covering (materials) the surface of the Molds (Meshes).

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