3D Internet Browsing

Invented by Dr. Aaron Dishno in 2012, the patented (serial # 9,940,404) concept of 3D Browsing is like combining a first person video game with browsing the Internet. This concept includes three main elements:

  • 3D Buildings or structures are websites.
  • Pan and Walk first person movement in, out, and between the 3D Building Websites.
  • Ability to Connect multiple 3D Building Websites to create 3D Community Websites or cities.


Internal 3D Building objects loaded as you move closer
Internal 3D Building objects are loaded as you move closer


https://3d.WalkTheWeb.com is an implementation of a 3D Community Website. Notice as you walk toward the 3D Building, items inside get loaded. If you back away, you can see the items disappear. Loading and unloading content as you move is a key component in 3D Internet Browsing.

3D Internet Browsing brings life, action, and continuity to the Internet, or as we say, it is time to Walk the Web®.


3D Internet Browsing uses a Pan and Walk method of movement.

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