Traditional Browsing Pet Peeves

Fake Ad Window

By Dr. Aaron Dishno

What are some of the most annoying things when you browse websites?

My top 3 are:

  • Banner Ads
  • Popup Ads
  • Videos that start automatically
Fake Banner Ad
Fake Banner Ad

Banner Ads – If you have a traditional website and you start to see some success in getting an audience, you will most likely be approached by numerous people to monetize your website by placing their banner ads on your pages.  The more people you redirect to them, the more money they will pay you. I understand why someone would want to piggy-back a link to their website on your popular site. But even typing that makes me feel like I would be inviting a parasite!

Personally, I just think banner ads distract from the website you are trying to visit. I try to scroll a page and accidentally click something, now I am opening a new undesirable website.

So I try to produce high quality content and put my users above any sell-out to banner ads. With that said, if you ever see a banner ad on my traditional website, donate some money and save me from bankruptcy (I would have to be extremely desperate)!

Fake Ad Window
Fake Ad Window

Popup Ads – Popups used to be ads that open in a new window in front of the webpage you are trying to view. Thanks to browsers that have automated blocking of popups, that is a thing of the past! But the next generation of popups are now shown IN the current page you are browsing. They make them look like a window, but it is embedded in the webpage.

New popups are just as annoying as they old ones use to be. Basically, they are like banner ads with a decorative border to make them look like a window. You have to be careful though. Often the X to close the box, or button prompt is just a link to another website. We often click the Close button when we see it and next thing you know, you are on some other website.

Videos that start automatically – When I am on my high speed home or work network and I open a webpage to read an article and it tries to start a video, I can manage to find the pause button and continue on my way. But the most annoying thing is when I am on a slow network with a cell phone or tablet and a video starts when I try to open a webpage.

I say, put a good home image for your stopped video and let us decide if we want to see it!


So, why am I complaining?

In many ways, I have a unique opportunity.

I started the next generation of Internet with 3D Browsing.

The Internet has no limits in the USA. (I know that is an argumentative and extremely naive statement to say, but I am going with theory in this article. Think of it this way, you can post illegal things and there is no inherit limit on the Internet, but it will most likely be used against you in a court of law).

So creating 3D Browsing as a framework that uses the Internet has no inherit limits.

The Catholic, Catholic elementary school, former alter boy, boy scout, school band member, former County government employee, mentor, adjunct professor, and business entrepreneur side of me says it would be wise to put some controls in place.
~ Dr. Aaron Dishno

Maybe it was the influence of people like Walt Disney, Chuck Jones, and Jim Henson in my early life, because I want 3D Browsing to be a place that people of all ages can go and have fun, learn, shop, and experience new things.

Legally, it is easier for a website to say that the users have to be 18 or older or have their parents permission to view it. If not, you have no wiggle room for content images posted without authorized review (which takes time and money) and any form of communication has to be pre-selected statements you can click on with no key-in or free form typing allowed.

If 3D Browsing Content control was in your hands, what would you include, exclude, and promote from the traditional Internet into this new 3D Browsing World?

Who would you build it for? What should we all be able to see?


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