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Defining 3D Browsing for Everyone

When we build a traditional website, there are set ADA (American Disability Act) Compliance items we can do to make webpages that are available to all. In addition, there are a number of programs and websites used to test your ADA Compliance.

Some of the key concepts are to:

     * Use high contrasting colors for text, example: black text over white background.
     * Select san-serif font with at least 12 point font.
     * Include Alt Tags and/or Titles on images describing what is shown.
     * Simplistic Layout Design to avoid confusion.

With that said, 3D Browsing has challenges like:

     * Fonts look smaller at a distance and get larger as you Walk towards the text.
     * Everything has an images and textures - deciding what is important and what is background.
     * Navigating and getting around - being able to make calculated movements.

We have so many possibilities but to keep it running smooth and fast, we need to make the "Right Tools" instead of just many tools. It starts with your feedback.

So, how can we help make it work better for you?