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Estimate Based on the Current Configuration


Welcome to Walk the Web® 3D Browsing!

This webpage is designed to assist you in planning your perfect 3D Website. All websites are custom built using our 3D Content Management System (CMS), hosted on Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2) Servers on Amazon Web Services Cloud (AWS), and share the same code engine as our famous 3D Browsing WalkTheWeb.com website! If you would like more information about 3D Browsing and 3D Websites, please see our Demos and Samples at: https://www.walktheweb.com/getstarted.php or email us at: info@walktheweb.com.

Custom 3D Website Estimator

3D Websites consist of a 3D Community and one or more 3D Buildings in that 3D Community.

Custom 3D Building Options

Choose a 3D Building Structure Category

Single Story 3D Building
Single Story
Two Story 3D Building
Two Story - includes one staircase
Multi Story 3D Building
Multi Story - requires an elevator

Choose a 3D Building Simulated Footprint Size

(Size = Length * Width of largest span; Length and Width can vary)
Large Footprint 3D Building
Medium Footprint 3D Building
Small Footprint 3D Building

Choose the 3D Building Items Detail Level

Normal Detail on Items added
Normal Detail - Stock furniture and some custom images or items included.
High Detail on Items added
High Detail - Some Custom furniture and most custom images or items included.
Extreme Detail on Custom Items added
Extreme Detail - All Custom furniture, most custom images or items included, and most of your reasonable ideas included.

Choose Add-on Item Options

Elevator(s) (per elevator car)

Staircase(s) (per floor)

Escalator(s) (per floor)

Image Slideshow Viewer(s)

Video Viewer(s)

Scrolling Web Wall

Product Display Case(s)

*Basic Shopping Cart

*Integrate My Existing Cart

(Note: 3D Building Designs all include basic Sliding and Swinging Doors as needed.)

Custom 3D Community Options

Choose Your 3D Community

City Street 3D Community
City Streets 3D Community - Flatlands with Hills in the distance
Island 3D Community
Island 3D Community - Couple Islands, bridges, and surrounding mainland
Custom 3D Community
Custom 3D Community - You pick: Hills, Water, Islands...

Please add any Details, Comments, and Ideas...

Tell us what you would like us to build for you. It can include 3D Games, 3D Amusement Park Rides, 3D Vehicles and/or boats. (These items are a great way to attract additional attention to your 3D Website!)

* Estimated pricing is based on simplified versions of shopping cart functionality. Functionality must be discussed before the actual price can be given. Integrations with existing systems have many variables and may be out of our control, therefore, they are subject to review and available resources before we can commit to any work or price.

All Estimates are subject to change without notice. All confirmed quotes are valid for 30 days, then quotes must be reconfirmed or adjusted as needed before we can honor them.

This web page is designed to assist you in deciding what we can build for you. Estimates are rough approximations for your general benefit. Please submit the form to have your request reviewed and estimate confirmed, adjusted, and validated as an official quote.