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[Sticky] Ver 2.9.1 - HTTP3D Framework - Minor Release - Extended our Blender Support!

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Release Date: 5-20-2019 - Commercialization Series.

The Commercialization series focuses on the user experience, therefore, will have many updates to the user interface, camera views, performance, smoothness of use, avatars, and more. We are striving to make it an entertaining place to visit!

Here is the list of updates, improvements, and fixes:

  • Media Library now supports uploads of Babylon Files and supporting files
  • Added Babylon File as 3D Web Object type to add to 3D Community, 3D Building, and 3D Thing.
  • Babylon files can be exported from Blender, so WalkTheWeb now supports Blender creations and animations. 
  • Added support for direct animations on meshes and/or skeleton and bones animations. 
  • Added support to execute an animation on events like onclick, onload, onmouseover, onmouseout, etc... Example, click to open the desk drawer as in this scene:
  • Added additional events for avatar animations for onwalk, onrun, onturnright, onturnleft, onstraferight, onstrafeleft, onbackwards, onrunbackwards, etc...
  • Animation execution allows you to set the start and end frames, speed, loop (or not), set JavaScript name of function to attach from other client code, and even add a sound on animation execution.


Note that Blender import supports many file types including 3ds, obj, fbx, dae, stl, abc, and many more. Just search for a particular add-on.


You can find more information about creating and exporting Babylon files from Blender with the Babylon export add-on.