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[Sticky] Ver 2.9.0 - HTTP3D Framework - Major Release - Avatars are here!

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Release Date: 4-25-2019 - Commercialization Series.

The Commercialization series focuses on the user experience, therefore, will have many updates to the user interface, camera views, performance, smoothness of use, avatars, and more. We are striving to make it an entertaining place to visit!

Here is the list of updates, improvements, and fixes:

  • Addition of Avatars - Male and Female anonymous, 3 female and 3 male for logged in users. 
  • Avatars can walk, run, strafe, turn, etc... using the keyboard, mouse, or touch screens.
  • Addition of multi-player support. When you go to a 3D scene that others are visiting, you will see their avatars walking around!
  • Multi-player support allows you to select the maximum number of avatars to show in your view based on the closest first. 
  • Click on other user to text chat with them! 
  • 3D Browsing was originally set up where movement input directly changed the camera views. This release changed that approach to the movement focusing directly on the avatars and the cameras merely follow the avatars. We plan to add back direct camera support to the Admin Mode to make it easy to build with or without using avatars. 
  • Camera views are now first-person, follow, self, and scene... with the options of changing the same view from 2D to 3D Anaglyph (red/cyan), 3D VR Headset, and 3D VR Headset with game pad support. We plan to add specific device support in the near future.