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[Sticky] Ver 2.8.2 - HTTP3D Framework - Minor Release - Animation and Sound related.

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Release Date: 3-25-2019 - Commercialization Series.

The Commercialization series focuses on the user experience, therefore, will have many updates to the user interface, camera views, performance, smoothness of use, avatars, and more. We are striving to make it an entertaining place to visit!

Here is the list of updates, improvements, and fixes:

  • New Store Product Displays with and without image and description (allows for box to be used with 3D custom displayed items.)
  • Facebook meta data update for screen scrapes for improved description on pages that also uses the default snapshot.
  • Fixed rounded box texture on corners by changing it to a beveled box type.
  • Fixed top store category item on list (after scroll it was disappearing).
  • Added the ability to Click - Toggle an Animation. First click applies the animation and the next click reverses the animation.
  • Added file name labels to files in media library and hid additional options until you mouse over them.
  • Fixed the ability to upload sound files also added file path reference for loading sounds.
  • Fixed updating sound on a mold (mesh) by improving the form options.
  • Added ability to add sound to 3D Object Animation call. It plays once on call, or will loop if the animation loops.
  • Fixed cursor to be pointer over bottom menu items.
  • Added linear sound to videos. Defaults to 100 units of distance.
  • Enabled mute to videos by setting sound volume to zero during mute.
  • Added cookie to sound mute to preserve setting on reload or next visit (30 days).