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[Sticky] Ver 2.8.1 - HTTP3D Framework - Minor Release - Blender 3D Object Integration

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Release Date: 3-18-2019 - Commercialization Series.

The Commercialization series focuses on the user experience, therefore, will have many updates to the user interface, camera views, performance, smoothness of use, avatars, and more. We are striving to make it an entertaining place to visit!

Here is the list of updates, improvements, and fixes:

  • Major enhancement with the ability to upload, display and activate basic animation with files created with Blender. (Free Program used for 3D Modeling. Also check out their Tutorials.) 
  • Added animation events for OnClick, OnMouseOver, OnMouseOut, and OnLoad.
  • Added the ability delete an animation under 3D Objects
  • Added the ability to add and edit permissions for other users on your 3D Communities, 3D Buildings, and 3D Things. This will allow you to give Development or Admin Access to your projects. Development allows them to build and edit, Admin allows them to be a developer AND set permissions for other users. 
  • Added more menu ctrl key alternatives
  • Added rounded box to 3d building blocks. Currently it works best with solid or non directional patterns.
  • Corrected the process for loading textures and switching from color and textures during admin edits.
  • Added ability to Dig Select in editing (select 3D Building Blocks behind another Block). Just right click to edit an object, then right click again to get objects behind the current object. It will cycle through any objects behind your mouse pointer.
  • Fixed touch select (clicking) items when using mobile joystick camera.
  • Added the ability to set the graphics quality on images added to your scene. You can now force an image to always use the original. When editing a 3D Building Block, look under Advanced Options for the checkbox to Force Original Graphic
  • Implemented new Video player with Animated Buttons. We also increased the upload file size to allow 100 MB videos.
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