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[Sticky] Ver 2.10.0 - HTTP3D Framework - Major Release - New Scene start with Custom Avatars.

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Release Date: 6-17-2019 - Commercialization Series.

The Commercialization series focuses on the user experience, therefore, will have many updates to the user interface, camera views, performance, smoothness of use, avatars, and more. We are striving to make it an entertaining place to visit!

Here is the list of updates, improvements, and fixes:

  • Redesigned the 3D Scene startup to allow the visitor to select an avatar  before they begin. 
  • Anonymous users can select from male or female robot-like avatars.
  • Logged in users can select from 10 different avatar designs. 
  • Users can customize their avatars with unlimited color selections for each main part (pants, shirt, body, shoes, etc...).
  • Users can select various animations for Walk, Turn, Backwards, Run, Run Backwards, Run Turn, etc...
  • Users can also select from hundreds of optional animations! Now avatars can wave, signal, pose, dance...