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Open World Paint

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Idea - An open world paint program could be an excellent tool for both community visitors and architects.  The idea would be to have tools that can alter images with brush strokes just like any freeware paint program can with a canvas.  For creations, this could help with large projects such as a basketball court.  Right now, smaller images can be used to add detail to shapes to create objects such as keyboards, which require a lot of detail and are unrecognizable without an image with a keyboard layout.  Larger projects like a basketball court would require a very large image (slower loading) or smaller images (frustrating for users) all lined up to create the proper lines that make a basketball court recognizable.  As for community visitors, this would open up a number of functions that will help make the world feel alive.  Having the ability to draw on a chalkboard, play tic-tac-toe, or autographing a community wall will attract more visitors.


Potential Issues - The major issue with this idea is censoring the kinds of things that can be drawn.  Until a system is in place to combat that, it could temporarily be available only to architects and NOT visitors.  Another option is to start everyone off with the option to only see their own creations in public communities with an option to turn on other creations.


This idea has already been talked about briefly, however, I wanted to throw it up here so that other ideas could stem from this.  Does anyone have a better idea on how to censor inappropriate content?  Would love the feedback and if you like the idea, let's build off of it.

Dr. Aaron Dishno
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Good idea. I like the free-form drawing idea.

Many of the images are repeated over a surface (textures), so being able to draw on the surface of a 3D Object would need to add a blank transparent canvas over the entire flat surface. Then you would be able to draw on it, not repeated, and create the lines and marks on the surface.

It is totally doable, and would be great for architects adding lines on streets, crosswalks, white-boards, or any other staged (part of the design) or live drawings.

Let's get more feedback and design options and details... then we can see about adding it.

Great idea, Thanks Jake.


We should have a new blog thread for suggestions for censoring inappropriate content.