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Filtering Inappropriate Content

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Dr. Aaron Dishno
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In a perfect world we would be able to safely maintain a website that is appropriate for all ages. But until we have a perfect world, we have to constantly work to achieve the balance between freedom to post and upload images and textures to 3D Websites AND protecting the general users from having to find on inappropriate content. 

We require logins, valid email addresses, monitor posts, have bad word filters, and review content to try to keep it s safe environment. 

Most of all, you can help by reporting anything you see that is inappropriate.

If you have other experience and suggestions that can help improve monitoring, filtering, or other helpful tools, please post them here. 

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Until a system is in place to properly monitor this activity, why not have a communication wheel with common responses like "hello" and "follow me", so that people can communicate with each other.  We can also make this the standard option with another option in settings that allow free communication, with the warning that vulgarity may occur.  Unless free communication is turned on, visitors will never see this communication.  That way, the people who can see this communication are fully aware of what can be said.  To protect the developers and community managers, have all users agree to terms that we are not responsible for anything said in free communication before they are allowed to use it.  Give people choices!