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[Sticky] 3D Browsing vs Games

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Dr. Aaron Dishno
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3D Browsing is built over a 3D Game engine, so why is it different?

For the most part, 3D Games are designed to load everything before you play the game. One of the core concepts we included in 3D Browsing is the way we load the empty scene ASAP, then fetch and render everything else as you move towards it as we remove everything else as you move away. 

In many ways it s like juggling the 3D objects of the scene as to which objects will be loaded to the 3D Game engine at any one point. So instead of trying to minimize the object (mesh) count to keep everything running smooth, we try to manage the number of 3D objects loaded to meet whatever your computer or device can handle. 

The ultimate goal of this concept is to be able to make extremely large scenes that can go on and on (almost never stopping, without repeating). With each 3D Building representing a Website, imagine walking all of the data and sites on the internet! This takes a lot of fine tuning and people to test the sites using different computers! (Hint to please help by joining our Users Groups!)

Using this same concept, we can walk down a street then hop in a car and drive it, or shop in a 3D store, or ride an amusement park ride, or play a sport game just by seamlessly walking up to it. In the same way, walking away unloads the game!

Hence our second difference and goal, full connectivity. Instead of click a web page and watching the page unload and next page load, we seamlessly Walk the Web® from one website to another, one game to another, and one store to another. 

I see a huge future of possibilities with this technology. We just need to keep improving the loading and unloading transitions to be smooth animation and improve performance (frames per second) for everyone to enjoy it - not just the gamers!