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[Sticky] Why add a scavenger hunt?

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Dr. Aaron Dishno
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Hello everyone! 

As the 3D Browsing software develops, we kept testing and asking others to try the 3D Websites. Often the first comment we received back was "OK... I see it, now what do I do?"....

I wonder how Einstein felt when he discovered new theories and tried to show others. haha

Well, since all of the people responding were correct in noticing something I had overlooked, we now added a purpose (more than just the initial marvel that after 7 years of study, testing, patents, and work, we have the concept of 3D Browsing functioning! lol) you can play our scavenger hunt 3D Game! 

We will have other 3D Games, avatars, and vehicles added before long. But please enjoy what we have so far! There is much more to come!